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 Monthly Specials



MICROBLADING CORRECTION $1000 promo $399+ no code needed 

MICROBLADING+POWDER  $998 50% off 1st session $399 no code needed 


MICROBLADING SPECIAL  $798 50% off 1st session $299 no code needed 

SMALL TATTOO REMOVAL $300 1st session SPECIAL $250




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*Specials are for a limited time and subject to change

*Appointments are priced for one session

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Color Selection

WORRY NOT! At 3D Microblading Eyebrows we carry organic pigments from the top brands in our industry to ensure our gorgeous clients find their best match and preference. 

Like hair, selecting a color is a very personal process. Microblading is implanted below the epidermis, which determines our skin tone, so each color heals differently on each individual. 

Elements such as sun, skincare products, and medication can alter the brow color. Which is why we recommend annual touch-ups.

Want to go ashier? Want to go warmer? Want to go darker? We have products comparable to hair toner, to neutralize and get to your desired color. Simply schedule your touch up appointment and we can alter a CUSTOM color just for YOU!  Color corrections are included in your touch up appointment for no additional charge.

All of our techs are trained and experienced in color theory and can help you find the color you love.

The Process



We begin your appointment with a consult and going over goals and realistic expectations.

Feel free to come in with makeup and photos if you have something in mind.



Step two we measure and map the brows. We will go over the shape and can customize to your liking. Everyone gets a custom shape tailored to their bone structure. There are no surprises. 



Next we go over color options. We carry all of the  top of the line pigments to ensure finding you the perfect match. 



It's go time! 

We begin Microblading hair strokes  individually by hand and the Powderfill is done with a gentle machine, both while reapplying lidocaine numbing throughout.



New brows!

Brows typically fade about 20-40% when the new skin heals over.

See you in a 6-8 weeks for your discounted perfecting touch up (based off your healed results).

Annual touch ups recommended to maintain shape and color.


I waited for over year to decide to get Microblading done. I was hesitant and wanted to make sure I chose a talented artist! Candace did my Microblading and I couldn't be happier! I'm a Mom of 2 littles and work nights as a RN and it's one of the best decisions I have made! Candace was easy to work with, professional and did a stellar job! She made sure they were perfect and the way I wanted. I will definitely be going back to see her for a retouch when they're needed! Highly recommended! I also get many compliments on my eyebrows since Candace did them!


There is no greater feeling than waking up every morning with my brows in tact! What used to be the longest, most frustrating part of my make up routine, is now a thing of the past.

Had my ombré brows done by Diana. She was extremely patient, and understanding throughout the whole process. I had a lot of concerns, and questions prior to my appointment. Diana not only helped me feel at ease, but suggested what she thought would look best for my brows. I appreciated that she wasn't so pushy about it either! 

Honestly, getting my brows done by Diana was one of best decisions of my life. Didn't realize how much of a difference brows can make! Love them!


I recently went for my touch up my first time (almost 2 years ago) I only got Microblading which I absolutely loved but for my touch up will discussing options with the amazing and talented Franchesca she suggested I try Microblading/Powder fill combo and oh my gosh I am in absolute awe!!! Franchesca is amazing and listens to you and suggests what she thinks is best for YOU!! I literally can't say enough about her her work and just how amazing the whole experience is!!!


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