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3D Microblading Model.HEIC


This application is for volunteers who are interested in modeling for our students. The procedure will be done by Masters while assisted by students, as a part of their learning process. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the procedure. 

There is a non-refundable $100 kit fee that must be paid to secure each appointment. The fee covers the disposable supplies used for each individual session. It may take several sessions to achieve eyebrow goals. We recommend touch-ups every 6-12 months depending on skin type, skin regimen, sun exposure, and preference.

Student model slots are very popular and are on a first come first serve basis based on who submits the kit fee first. Class dates can change. We can either refund or credit you for the next model spot that works for you if this occurs. We do not recommend student model positions if you are on a strict schedule as class dates may change. Please book an appointment with a master artist if you need something set in stone. Thank you for understanding.

Filling out this application will not be guaranteed you to be selected for one of our teaching sessions. Models are selected based on the immediate need of each class, there are many health conditions that must be met by each model candidate before they attend.

Please verify you are a candidate before submitting:

Age 18+ with photo ID

Models cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding

No medical contraindications to getting a tattoo and the healing process. If you have any medical issues please text the doctor's note clearing a face tattoo.

Must be of sound mind

No medication (including acne medication) being taken for four weeks prior

No acne, moles, unhealed wounds, scars, birthmarks, psoriasis, burns, or deep-set wrinkles in the eyebrow area 

No previous tattooing and/or microblading on the eyebrows

After verifying you are a candidate please:

1. Follow us @3dmicrobladingeyebrows

2. Complete & submit the info below

3. TEXT your full name & 3 unedited selfie photos with no makeup or filters from the center, right and left to 714-642-6182

We will verify all steps are complete & respond via text. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your submission. Please text 3 photos with no makeup or filters to 714-642-6182 to be considered.

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