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"Beauty is considered one of the few recession-proof careers."
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FREE Professional 3D Microblading® Kit

for the first 30 students ($500 value)

•    ©3D Microblading® Eyebrows theory manual

•    Professional rolling makeup case

•    12 custom-designed sheets to practice depth

•    Unlimited printouts of our custom shape & hair pattern practice sheets

•    5 custom synthetic skins for practicing

•    10 Disposable 3D Microblading® tools to do 10 models/clients and start making money!

•    10 Disposable manual shading tools

•    10 Measuring sticks 

•    10 Tray barriers

•    10 Pigment rings

•    10 Pigment cups

•    10 Micro cotton swabs

•    10 Spoolies

•    10 Alcohol pads

•    10 Aftercare ointment

•    Pigment/ink

•    MADLUVV brow tool

•    Plastic Wrap

•    Sensitive skin pigment wipes

•    Pigment wipes

•    Golden ratio measuring device

•    Mapping caliper

•    Box for shaping tools

•    10 Brow ruler sticker

•    3D Microblading practice pen tool

•    Variety of needles to try out

•    Mechanical pencil to practice

•    Shaping pencil

•    Shaping pencil sharpener

•    Mapping thread 

•    Twinkle eyebrow razors

•    Microblading practice pencil

•    Aftercare sample

•    Consent form sample

•    Certificate of completion of hours

•    Direct links & discount codes for supplies

*** Limited time offer. While supplies last.


Artist Candace 3D Microblading Eyebrows 3D Beauty Clinic.HEIC

Artist Candace
3D Microblading™ Master & President
4x certified & Phi Certified
Certified, Licensed & Insured Lead Instructor

Franchesca Finds 3D Microblading Eyebrows 3D Beauty Clinic OC.jpg

Franchesca Finds
3D Microblading Master & Founder
PMU Pioneer & Founder
Certified, Licensed & Insured Lead Instructor


At 3D Microblading Eyebrows™ we have developed a comprehensive training program to help the artist build their skills and provide the tools to start a lucrative career in the permanent makeup industry. Our training includes a 50+ page manual, which we worked side by side with the Health Department requirements.

Franchesca was one of the pioneers of Microblading in Orange County and founded 3D Microblading™ Eyebrows in 2015. Franchesca was born into the beauty industry with her family owning several salons in Los Angeles before retiring. Franchesca holds six certifications, including the hours to train and certify other technicians.

Franchesca Find's is a social media influencer with almost a quarter-million followers and is a branding and marketing expert. Franchesca assisted companies such as Ferrari, Flat Tummy tea, Bacardi, and many more for over a decade. In her detailed manual, she offers everything a new technician needs to know, down to how to branding, photos, and how to market your business with FREE tips on social media.

Candace is a certified 3D Microblading™ technician and certified instructor. Candace has her bachelor's degree from Cal State Fullerton, seven certifications, and licenses, and is currently furthering her education to become an aesthetic nurse, so she can soon offer botox and fillers, as well as perfecting brows. Candace has helped train dozens of successful artists and makes learning fun and easy.

Combined our team's vast experience in both the beauty industry and knowledge on branding and social media marketing has proven invaluable to students, providing them the insight to create a successful brand. With multiple certifications under their belts, our students get the education gathered from several of the top PMU academies and years of experience. We are invested in making sure our students gain all of the knowledge needed to excel.


Archard and Inkedby Ashley.jpg

Arched & Inked 

I can not even begin to express my gratitude to 3D Microblading Career training and master technicians for sharing there knowledge and putting on by far one of the best PMU classes I have ever been to. On day 1 I walked in nervous and uneducated and by the end of day 4 I walked out with the tools to start my new career. When trying to decide on the right school for my training I did an ample amount of research and I am so glad I did because 3d Microblading Career Training was by far the best out there. Each day of training was filled with so much knowledge I was blown away. Each master trainer went above and beyond to convey what they have learned in the Microblading world. They answered each and every one of my questions over the 4 day training course with patience never once making me feel inadequate. I have been in the beauty world for 15 years and It can be cut throat and catty so when making the switch over to Microblading and PMU I was nervous but after taking the 4 day training course and meeting the master techs I walked away with vast knowledge and the tools to launch my new business. Being training by some of the best women in the Microblading industry was an honor. My Microblading career is taking off way quicker than I even imagined and that's all in thanks to my training at 3d Microblading career training!

Microblading Training Compare Best Testi

Eyebrow Sorcery

I love this place and all the ladies here!:) I am soo grateful for all the knowledge they shared with me and the support I was given afterwards. I did the 4-day VIP training, and I learned so much information in such a short amount of time! You do have to study, practice, and have somewhat of an artistic eye to absorb the information,...but you are given all the tools to succeed. And you're free to contact them/ask questions after training is complete. I felt comfortable during live model training, and that was definitely invaluable to me! (They also offer greatt prices if you want to be a model.) The program is intensive, and you are expected to always practice! And that is the way it should be for high standards. Even when you are finished...always practice! They will give you all the information, tools and resources to start your new career as a microblade artist. The classes are super small...1-3 people per training, and you also get to work on 2 live models one on one with your own Master Microblading Mentor, which was essential to me when picking a program! I hear so many students leave other training programs feeling lost and lacking confidence to work on others. But 1 week after graduating, I continued to study and practice....and I was comfortable microblading on my own. They also have a super cute salon room for rent once you complete the program. This is to help you further build your clientele and eventually be on your own. And if you want their assistance after training (with your client), you can hire them for help. Thank you so much, 3D Microblading Career Training! You care sooo much about this art form, and it really shows!

Artist Dolores V Brows Dallas Texas.jpg

Artist Dolores

This past May I was finally able to do my microblading training. I am an Aesthetician and been doing brows for 20 yrs.  Microblading is a service that I wanted to offer specially since I absolutely love doing brows.

I choose 3D Microblading in Tustin, CA.  The two main reasons I choose the school was because it was a 4 day training that offered small class sizes (3 per class) and also got to do 2 live models.  

I was happy with the kit that I received.  It gave most of the supplies need it to start working. My training was done with Candice.  

Some of the things that I mostly liked about her teaching was the emphasis on accurate measurements.  The mapping of the brows is one of the most important aspects to achieve good symmetry and the over all aesthetic of the brows.  She also reinforced over and over sanitation guidelines.  

The school and facility was clean and provided the perfect environment to learn and perform services. I also met the owner Franchesca who gave me great tips on corrections of color.  Over all I was very happy with the introductory course and the professional atmosphere provided by the school. I also appreciate the feed back when I have a concern or a question after finishing the course. 


Inkd Chronicles

If I could give 10 stars I would, the ladies at 3d microblading career training are hands down the nicest, knowledgeable and helpful training I've ever experienced. The 4 days I spent with them was very informative and they help you understand everything you need to know and GROW as your own. I also love that once the training was over we have kept in contact and even have offered constructive criticism as well as kind and encouraging words. Its not like they take your money and training is over, you're on your own. They really care and are there for you if you ever have any questions. I am so happy with my decision of going with 3d Microblading Career Training.


Glow Girl

Just finished my 3D Microblading Career Training last week I can't believe by day 3 I was already comfortable and ready to work on my first client! The training process is very one on one and hands on I still can't believe how much I learned and how much fun I had training. The girls are so patient and helpful with anything I wasn't comfortable with they would walk me through it and help me practice until I got it I had a great time and so fun much thank you 3D Microblading can't wait for my next chapter in life.