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Does microblading work for hair growth?

This is a loaded question. Microblading is not intended for hair growth but I can speak from my personal eyebrow journey and say yes. 

When I was young I over plucked because of the trends of my youth. Big mistake! I tried everything from the ages of 14-28 from serums to vitamins and nothing brought my eyebrow hair back. This is why I fell in love with Microblading. It was the solution to fill in my sparse eyebrows. 

During the pandemic I lost a scary amount of hair on my head due to the stress of my business being shut down and my nephew battling stage four cancer. I was so sad and insecure, thinking the hair loss was permanent. I tried PRP treatments and my hair came back! My nurse taught me to micro-needle because sometimes our hair wants to grow but doesn’t have an opening to come through. This made me think of cosmetic tattoo on the brow area. It is not that different than the treatments I did for my hair. Cosmetic tattoo causes subtle trauma to the skin, which stimulates collagen, blood flow and reactivated my hair follicles, just like a the PRP. After about 6 years of Microblading my eyebrows I FINALLY got hair growth in areas I thought would never grow back again. Major plus!

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