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Microblading: The Pain, Cost, Healing Time, Risk, and More.

Updated: Jan 20

Ever wonder how celebrities have perfect eyebrows? They definitely have a Microblading artist on their glam squad.

Microblading has been in the states for about a decade. When done properly ink is gently implanted with a specially designed hand tool. A pattern is applied one faux hair stroke at a time to give he illusion of fuller, youthful eyebrows. There should only be pin point bleeding and no trauma, scar tissue or down time, when done properly and having followed the prep instructions.

Does Microblading hurt?

Some artist choose not to use an anesthetic. At 3D Microblading® Eyebrows we use not one but two forms of lidocaine. Most of my clients fall asleep.

What does Microblading cost?

Prices range based on artist experience and where they are geographically. at 3D Microblading® Eyebrows we use all of the best disposable tools, technology and carry the best organic pigment lines. Brows range from $300-$700 depending on technique. Los Angeles can go from $700-$1500. Make sure you select the ARTist who's work you love and not go based on the price. It's better to save up, if needed, for the art on your face! We recommend an annual touch up which ranges around $300 a year. That is only $00.82 cents a day to make your morning routine that much easier.

What is the risk with Microblading?

We have all seen the horror stories about Micoblading. This is why doing research to find your ideal artist is vital. If someone is charging $100 they're probably learning how to do it on your face. We all want bang for our buck but PLEASE do your research!

If you follow prep, aftercare and don't have any allergies there should be no problems. Microblading has no downtime, just an awkward few days while you heal up but it is totally worth it! If you don't follow aftercare, don't disclose medications, health conditions or allergies you can in consequence deal with an infection or reaction. Be sure to be honest with your technician so they can give you the best results! Microblading is similar to hair or makeup... it can take a couple of sessions to reach your goals but once you get there it is all smiles!

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