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Non-laser tattoo lightening. Normally $500+. Please read full description.

  • 1 h
  • 250 US dollars
  • 3D Beauty Clinic | Cosmetic Tattoo | 3D Microblading | Powder Brows

Service Description

At this time we are only doing eyebrow removal and SMALL body tattoos. If you have a question reguarding specific tattoos please send a photo to us at 714-642-6182 for a free text condultation. DO NOT SCHEDULE UNTIL YOU GET CLEARED VIA TEXT FIRST. Pricing begins at $250 at your first appointment where we do a mini consultation and set realistic goals and also set up a treatment plan with the pricing based off of your specific needs, goals and realistic desires. Because we need you to wait a minimum of 8 weeks before we do another treatment we need to have a structured plan to keep us on track to the level of removal you wish to obtain. The second procedure would need to be booked and paid for online upon scheduling. At the second appointment we will assess the treated area and update the payment plan.Because the level of removal varies we can not determine how many sessions you will need, but most eyebrow procedures are done to lighten the area just enough to be covered with top of the line products to help prevent undesired saturation or pigment colors.Li-Ft: The Product is made by Li Pigments in a state licensed and regulated manufacturing lab under the most sterile conditions. Independently tested for safety. Non-acid, high concentrate, saline based solution containing: -Lemon and Orange seed extract for fading and exfoliation -Aloe Vera for skin conditioning -Sterile water because purified, distilled or filtered water is not safe enough *As with every form of removal there are risks of scarring and hypo or hyper-pigmentation. We recommend a Patch test on darker skin types Fitzpatrick IV, V and VI because o f the possibility of hypo or hyper pigmentation risk. - If color removal is desired because it is too dark or the wrong color and not a symmetrical issue the risk of hypo or hyper pigmentation may not be a factor. What to expect: Some clients (not all) will bleed and get very red. This is normal for most skin types. Some clients (not all) will bleed a lot, some will bleed less. Some clients (not all) will swell up. After the procedure follow the Aftercare sheet provided. The Healing Process: The area can stay pink or discolored for several weeks. Some clients (not all) will take a few months to notice the pinkness/redness to completely heal and go away. This may be post-inflamitory hyper-pigmentation Then there are some clients where the skin will ALWAYS be slightly discolored. Cancellation policy applies.

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE VERIFY YOU ARE A CANDIDATE BEFORE EACH & EVERY APPOINTMENT TO AVOID UNNECESSARY FEES. $100 cancellation/rescheduling fee within 72 hours. If you are more than 15 minutes late we may have to cancel your appointment and you will forfeit your deposit. Please understand your technician(s) set aside a portion of their work day for your scheduled appointment time and we have other client's schedules to consider. Feel free to reach out to us via text message at 714-642-6182 if you need assistance. Book correctly to avoid loss of deposit. No refunds after the session is completed. Please make sure you are 100% happy before we apply your ointment. We have to wait 6 weeks in order for you to be completely healed. We can make any color or shape changes when you schedule your 6-8 week perfecting touch-up. Just a reminder: You are not a candidate until two weeks AFTER completing any vaccines, antibiotics or Botox. We thank you in advance for understanding our policy.

Contact Details

  • 1111 Town and County Rd #21 Orange, CA 92868

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