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How do I become a permanent makeup artist in California?

To become a cosmetic tattoo artist in California, you typically need to follow these steps:

1. Meet Eligibility Requirements: Ensure you meet any age or education requirements set by the local Health Care Agency.

2. Complete Training: Enroll in a reputable permanent makeup training program. such as 3D Microblading™ + 3D Cosmetic Tattoo Training at 3D Beauty Clinic in Orange, CA.

We cover all of our most popular brow techniques, how to start your business, health department requirements, free branding guidance and more.

3. Obtain Bloodborne Pathogens Certification: Due to the nature of the procedure, you may need to obtain a Bloodborne Pathogens Certification to ensure proper health and safety practices.

You BBP certification is included for FREE with your 3D Beauty Clinic hands-on training programs.

4. Get Licensed: Apply for and obtain a license from the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. This may involve passing an exam and providing proof of completed training.

At 3D Beauty Clinic your mentor will break down each step to becoming a legal body art practitioner.

5. Maintain Continuing Education: Stay updated on the latest techniques and health and safety protocols by participating in continuing education courses, as required by the state.

6. Consider Apprenticeship: Some aspiring permanent makeup artists choose to apprentice under an experienced professional to gain hands-on experience and mentorship.

Always check with your local agency for the most accurate and up-to-date information on licensing requirements.

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