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How do I shape my eyebrows?

1. **Determine Your Shape:** Identify your face shape, bone structure and eye placement. Consider the natural arch of your brows.

2. **Start, Arch, and End Points:** Your brow should begin above the inner corner of your eye, arch above the outer edge of your iris, and end at a point extended from the outer corner of your eye.

3. **Avoid Over-Plucking:** Be cautious not to over-pluck; it's easier to take more off later than to wait for them to grow back.

4. **Use Quality Tools:** Invest in good tweezers, brow gel, a brow brush and makeup. Cosmetic tattoo such as Microblading is a great way to minimize maintenance. Comb your brows upward and curve ends towards the peak of your arch and trim any excess length.

5. **Follow Natural Line:** Follow your natural brow line when tweezing, focusing on stray hairs outside this line.

6. **Consider Professional Help:** A professional can guide you on the best shape for your face and maintain it regularly. Cosmetic tattoo only requires about one visit per year. It simplifies your brow shaping routine immensely.

If creating your eyebrow shape is challenging, I highly recommend going to an experienced professional.

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