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What is 3D 4D microblading?

Updated: Jan 20

The term "3D 4D microblading" is not a standard industry term, and its meaning may vary depending on the context or the preferences of individual practitioners. In general microblading procedures, "3D" often implies creating a three-dimensional, natural-looking effect by mimicking individual eyebrow hairs with fine strokes.

The addition of "4D" might suggest an extra layer of depth or dimension to the microblading process. This could involve techniques such as additional shading or a more intricate approach to simulate the appearance of fuller, textured eyebrows. I personally think using terms like 4D and 6D are just confusing the clients because they are all 3 dimensional techniques of Microblading. Even I’m confused by it.

However, it's important to note that terminology can differ among microblading artists, and there isn't a universally standardized definition for terms like "3D 4D microblading." If you're considering this procedure, it's recommended to see the professionals portfolio to understand their specific techniques and what the terminology means in their practice.

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